IBM C9530-404受験料過去問に対する最も優秀な参考書




試験科目:IBM Integration Bus V9.0, Solution Development
問題と解答:全48問 C9530-404 赤本

>> C9530-404 赤本


NO.1 A solution developer is defining a DFDL model for a file that defines a purchase order. A field in
the header, ItemCount, defines the number of purchase order items contained in the purchase order.
The schema model is defined as shown below.
What modification must the developer make to the model to ensure that the number of items in the
purchase order is equal to the value in ItemCount?
A. Add an Assert toItemsthat tests that items is less than or equal toItemCount.
B. Set theOccursCountKindproperty forItemstoExpressionand set the expression
C. Add a variable instance to thesequenceelement that counts the number ofItemsrecords.
D. Set theOccursCountKindproperty toImplicit.
Answer: D

NO.2 A solution developer needs to validate an XML message in an MQInput node before doing any
other bitstream parsing in subsequent nodes. The solution developer has enabled validation on
What additional node property configurations will allow the developer to accomplish this task?
A. Input Message Parsing: Message format and Message Domain
B. Parser Options: Parse Timing: Immediate
C. Parser Options: Parse Timing: On Demand
D. Parser Options: Parse Timing: Complete
E. Advanced: Convert
Answer: A

NO.3 When using the IBM built-in node to output a file using WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer,
which message tree must be used to override the node properties?
A. LocalEnvironment.Destination.FTE
B. LocalEnvironment.WrittenDestination.FTE
C. Environment.Destination.FTE
D. Environment.Destination.File
Answer: B
LocalEnvironment.WrittenDestination.FTE message tree. You can override the Destination agent,
Destination queue manager, Job name,

NO.4 A solution developer needs to create a broker archive to deploy an application on an
integration server. During this process, the solution developer can add a flow as a .mgsflow or .cmf
file. The solution developer decides to use .mgsflow.
Which node is allowed in the flow?
A. A user-defined node that is created from a Java implementation.
B. A subflow node that represents a subflow that is defined in a.msgflowfile.
C. A WebSphere Message Broker Version 7.0 Mapping node.
D. A user-defined node that is created from a subflow.
Answer: D

Message flows that contain user-defined nodes that are created from subflows must be included in
broker archive files as compiled message flow (.cmf) files.

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