E05-001認定デベロッパー、Information Storage and Management v3




E05-001試験番号:E05-001 認定デベロッパー
試験科目:「Information Storage and Management v3」

>> E05-001 認定デベロッパー


NO.1 Which environment is represented in the exhibit?
A. Read hit
B. Write-back cache
C. Write-through cache
D. Read miss
Answer: B


NO.2 Which elements are associated with an object in an object-based storage system?
A. LUN ID, data, metadata, and object ID
B. Object ID, attributes, LUN ID, and file path
C. Data, metadata, object ID, and attributes
D. Metadata, object ID, attributes, and file path
Answer: C

E05-001資格問題集 E05-001種類

NO.3 The exhibit represents an FCIP tunnel configuration that merges the two FC SANs at either
end of the tunnel. Which types of ports do the labels "X" and "Y" represent on the FCIP gateway
shown in the exhibit?
A. X = F_Port and Y = VN_Port
B. X = VF_Port and Y = E_Port
C. X = VN_Port and Y = VE_Port
D. X = E_Port and Y = VE_Port
Answer: D


NO.4 What is an advantage of a software-based object storage implementation?
A. Requires less storage capacity tostore a large number of objects
B. Requires less hardware to support scalable architecture
C. Provides the flexibility to reuse the existing infrastructure
D. Provides the flexibility to create more than one object ID for an object
Answer: C


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