NO.1 In order to validate a project, which of the following is required to complete a stakeholder analysis?
A. Verify the project team members will be able to provide the expected stakeholder results.
B. Verify the project stakeholders needs are documented in the work breakdown structure (WBS)
C. Verify the project stakeholders have been selected by the project manager to provide the best scope
for the project.
D. Verify the project stakeholder needs, wants, and expectations are turned into requirements.
Answer: B

NO.2 Two SMEs disagree with the designed plan for a particular component. The project will be delayed if
the plan is not approved today. The project manager demands the SMEs work together to incorporate
their modifications by the close of business today. Which of the following resolution techniques was used?
A. Forcing
B. Negotiating
C. Smoothing
D. Compromise
Answer: A


NO.3 Which of the following is the purpose of a milestone schedule?
A. A detailed summary of the anticipated milestones and risks identified for the project.
B. A detailed summary of the project milestones that need to be achieved.
C. A summary of the anticipated milestones and the issues identified for the project.
D. A summary level timetable of the major project milestones.
Answer: B

NO.4 A project manager needs to identify uncertain events during the planning phase. Which of the following
documents would be the BEST source of this information?
A. Risk register
B. Responsibility assignment math
C. Quality log
D. Issues log
Answer: A

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